Bangalore, Spoonful of Sugar

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The Pat​isserie​ at Bangalore

With over a decade long legacy of delictable desserts and one of the first stand-alone patisserie's in Bangalore, Spoonful of Sugar has swayed the hearts of many. Staying true to the vision of owners and mother-daughter duo, Sangeeta & Cordon Bleu Chef Yuvna Damani, Spoonful of Sugar's desserts are made with the freshest and most premium ingredients.

Here you will find bakery classics alongside the very latest is eclectic and popular desserts and confectionaries. We offer made-to-order café fare such as salads, sandwiches, dips, entrées and pastas as well as a full array of blended, hot and cold coffee and tea based beverages, making it the perfect spot for everything from a hearty lunch to pure sweet over-the-top indulgence!

All our dessert and savoury products are prepared from scratch by our in-house kitchen staff who follow prime standards of professionalism and cleanliness. At Spoonful of Sugar we are dedicated to provide attention to the finest details: great food, gracious service, warm atmosphere, heady aromas, and irresistible displays.

Spoonful of Sugar is also proud to be one of Bangalore's few pet-friendly cafés that offers it's furry customers an array of tasty treats to enjoy too!

Mid-Range Hotels

Most accommodation in Bangalore can be categorised in the following typical types:

Inexpensive Rooms: This type of accommodation is suitable for the budget-minded traveller and especially the backpacking tourist. This can range from simple, bare rooms in regular guesthouses to cosy well furnished rooms in family-run guesthouses.

the city and popular coastal belt areas and cheaper if you go off the beaten track in the rural areas. A decent double room with a fan, attached bath and toilet typically costs around Rs. 200/-. The prices usually double in the peak season period.

It is always a good idea to check the state of the bathroom and toilet confirming your reservation with money.

If you want to get a taste of the typical rural Goa, try accommodation in a family house with mud-floored rooms. The water supply is usually the common village well and baths/toilets are in small outhouses.

The next step up is the budget mid-range hotels which are to be found all over Goa and form the major portion of the available accommodation. These have proper reception areas, well appointed rooms, room service and usually a restaurant.

Off season, these hotels are the best bet for your stay. But, most of these hotels are fully booked with hordes of Charter tourists from Europe during the peak season, so finding a room might be a little difficult. However there are still rooms to be found for the walk-in tourist although at a slightly higher tariff.

The tariffs for rooms at such hotels range between Rs 400/- to Rs 800/- for a good-sized room with a fan, en-suite bath/toilet, a balcony and hot and cold running water. There are optionals such as cable TV and air conditioning also available. Most 1-star and uncategorised hotels fall in this category.

Upmarket Hotels

These higher budget range hotels in Goa can be classified into two categories: the slick modern 2-star and 3-star hotels which can be found in all the major towns as well as all the popular coastal belt and the high-priced international standard 5-star luxury resorts which cater to the rich and the famous. The luxury resorts are all located in the coastal areas within easy walking distance of a beach.

Resorts in this category typically have their own restaurants with different cuisines, coffee shops, large swimming pools, sports and gym facilities along with shops selling everything from books to carpets.

The luxury rooms at these type of establishments range typically from Rs 2000/- to Rs 10000/- per night and it is often best to stay at these hotels on one of their special packages available at a much lesser rate.

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