Spoonful: What are the best places to buy Indian desserts

Sweets are not only perfect for lifting your spirits but they’re also a great treat to share with your family and friends. If you’re looking for the right shop to buy the best Indian treats, we got you covered here at Spoonful. Regardless of your location, there is a great bakery where you can satisfy all your Indian dessert cravings. Check out the list below for all the details about them:

Bombay Sweet Shop, Mumbai

Despite being relatively new to the market, the Bombay Sweet Shop has caught the attention of many customers in Mumbai because of its range of sweet treats. They are known for their mixed bag of contemporary and traditional mithai with various shapes and designs that’ll leave your mouth watering for more.

Chhapan Bhog, Lucknow

One of the most popular shops in Lucknow, Chhapan Bhog has been serving the locals since 1992. This is a crowd favourite because of their high-quality Indian desserts which is a taste that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. Apart from offering sweet desserts, they also provide services for different kinds of events like weddings and birthdays.

Bengali Sweet House, Delhi

If you’re looking for a great dessert shop in Delhi, the Bengali Sweet House is the best place to go since it’s located at the heart of the city. Its name was based on its actual location, which is at the Bengali market. The store offers various kinds of dishes from south Indian treats to north Indian sweets.

Lyallpur Sweets, Ludhiana

Lyallpur Sweets is popularly known for its sweet and savoury treats since its establishment in 1975. Any local from Ludhiana would recommend this shop because of its delicious desserts and fast service which is perfect for a quick stop to satiate your cravings. Moreover, it’s located by the Model Town Road so it’s easily accessible even if you are not familiar with the area.

Novelty Sweets, Amritsar

Founded in 1950, the Novelty Sweets shop in Amritsar is famous for its amazing selection of Indian treats. All of their past customers have praised the store for its delicious and mouth-watering confectionaries which are loved for generations. Most of their sweets are said to be prepared with pure desi ghee with lots of effort and dedication.

Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Chennai

Although it started as a small shop over three decades ago, the Adyar Ananda Bhavan is now one of the most popular dessert stores in Chennai. They are known for their sweet and savoury treats which are loved by both foreigners and tourists alike. Moreover, they are recognized for their clean and hygienic kitchen where the best treats are being made.

Spoonful, Bangalore

For over ten years now, Spoonful is a great pastry shop that’s loved by many locals of Bangalore because of its amazing selection of Indian desserts. Apart from that, we also serve different cafe goods like pasta and salad for the satisfaction of our customers. Learn more about our available products by visiting our website now.

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