Spoonful: Exotic Indian pastries you should try

Eating pastries is a great way to boost your mood and put a big smile on your face. Take things up a notch by trying exotic Indian pastries which are one of a kind in the world. It’s different from common Western confectioneries with their appearance and flavour which is perfect for those who are interested in experimenting with different kinds of desserts. On that note, here is a Spoonful of interesting Indian treats you should try:

Gulab Jamun

Known as the greatest dessert in India, gulab jamun is a super sweet and sticky treat that is designed like soft spongy balls. It’s made of a dough of flour and milk powder then fried and soaked in a special syrup. This said garnish is created by putting cardamom and rose together to create a ‘rose berry’ taste which is the loose translation of the pastry in Hindi.


Kulfi is India’s version of ice cream which is creamier and denser than most normal ice creams found all over the world. Unlike others, it is not whipped before freezing and the milk is only boiled which reduces its volume, resulting in a thicker consistency. Moreover, kulfi is often flavoured with cardamom which is a popular spice in certain parts of India. However, it can still be enjoyed in other flavours like mango, pistachio and saffron among others. There are instances where it can be served as falooda kulfi where thin noodles and dried fruits are added to the mix.


Popular during winter, the Halwa is an Indian pastry that uses grated carrots as its main ingredient. It’s prepared by putting milk, sugar, and lots of ghee together. Initially, this is popular in the northern part of India while the southern area has its version called the ‘rava kesari’ or kesari halwa where the dessert is roasted in ghee then cooked with sugar and water. Additionally, saffron is put into the mix to give a dark brown colour to the dessert.


Rabri is a milk-based dessert that consists of sweetened and thickened milk which has a fattening ingredient. However, many still indulge themselves in this pastry because of its sweet taste and the layers of creams on it. Moreover, it uses different kinds of spices like cardamom and saffron resulting in a unique taste. This sweet is often paired with other types of confectionaries like gulab jamun and jalebi for a full sugar rush experience.


Although it’s not the most healthy dessert, the colourful orange jalebi dessert is known for its irresistible sweet taste. It’s described as deep-fried coils of dough made from refined flour which is soaked in saffron sugar syrup. Even if this is popular in India, its origins are said to be from the Middle East. According to historians, the recipe was brought to India by the Persian invaders. Nevertheless, India has adopted this confectionery, which can easily be brought from various street food stalls. 

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